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Quote of the Day:

“What is it about snow that turns everyone in D.C. into babbling lunatics? Just deal with it, stoically and off social media, if possible.”

WSJ‘s Byron Tau.

Comcast manages to ruin this journalist’s day 

“Thanks Comcast. I didnt want to work today. I wanted to be in your customer service hell over phone/internet issues. #MardiGras” — Politico Florida political reporter Marc Caputo


Maureen Dowd tries her hand at blogging

“Buried lede: Maureen Dowd is blogging.” — Abby Livingston, Bureau Chief, Texas Tribune. See NYT First Draft here.

Hillary Clinton’s vast anonymous journalism conspiracy 

“One problem for Clinton, as far as media management goes, is the vastness of the universe of anonymous ‘Clinton advisers’ and ‘confidants'” — HuffPost White House correspondent Sam Stein.

A question we must all ask ourselves 

“Where are my pants” — Marketplace Lizzie O’Leary.

Reporter fakes pregnancy to get a cab

“Confession: when somebody tried to steal a cab from me tonight, I grabbed the door handle and yelled, ‘Sorry, but I’m pregnant!’ It worked.” — WSJ‘s Elizabeth Holmes.

Imagine that…Amy Holmes has *zero* interest for President Obama

“Imagine how much time it took POTUS to make that dumb video? ‘We need you to stand here, Mr. President… Can you do that hoop shoot again?'” — TheBlazeAmy Holmes bitching about Obama’s recent BuzzFeed interview. To get the gist of this, read here.

Real HuffPost Headline: “Being Thin Didn’t Make Me Happy But Being ‘Fat’ Does” (And she’s gained 10 more pounds since her after photo and guess what?  Still happy. Read here.)

Which senator has never been on a CODEL? 

“Fun Fact: Rand Paul has never been on CODEL … ever.” — Daily Beast senior political editor Jackie Kucinich.  Read here.

Winter blues

“Commute not worth it today.” — Ericka Anderson, freelancer, Daily Signal.