Star Parker Compares Black Leadership To ‘Plantation Overseers’

Nick Givas Media And Politics Reporter
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Author and syndicated columnist Star Parker believes that black leadership is to blame for the struggles of the African-American community.

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, Parker compared black leadership to “plantation overseers,” and said its job is to keep thriving African-Americans down and make them complacent in a welfare culture.

“The Democratic machine has built up this plantation,” Parker said. “Then, they gerrymander the plantation in order to keep getting re-elected. When an African-American tries to stand up and challenges this system, they are quickly silenced, and treated like an escaped slave.”

Parker continued, “Just like a slave, they are dragged back to the farm and stripped of their integrity. We saw it done to the likes of Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, and we will see it done again.”

Parker also commented on policies like affirmative action, and how they affect the black community.

“I think affirmative action is a disruption to the black journey towards freedom. Blacks were told they couldn’t compete on their own, and this distracted them from the true mission of the civil rights movement. We have to allow people to live free, and achieve their goals based on merit.”

Parker made headlines last week when she compared President Obama’s prayer breakfast comments on Christianity to “verbal rape.”

This led some in the media to say her comments were inappropriate and that she went too far.

Parker responded by saying, “Political correctness shuts down our ability to tell the truth. We can’t heal as a country if we can’t honesty assess what’s wrong with it.”

Parker then laid out the four ways in which PC has harmed the country:

“Number one it stifles traditional values. Two, it increases the role of government when it comes to helping the poor. If you say anything against government welfare, you are labeled a racist. Three, it hurts the market. We are told to envy our bosses and those who are more successful. And four, it hurts our ability to form a strong national allegiance and national defense.”

Parker told TheDC that she felt her comments were appropriate because Obama had robbed the audience of an opportunity to have an important discussion on faith.

“I chose those words to express a deeply felt sentiment, that I believed was in the room. It had all the elements of rape. He stole from us. He stole our moment and our opportunity. He stole from the country and the world by disturbing us with his comments.”

Parker feels that Obama’s sentiment towards Christianity is driven by his views as a secular progressive. A topic she covers in her book “Blind Conceit.”

“I think Obama is a secular humanist,” Parker asserted. “Most secular humanists buy into the fact that religion is a problem. Christianity stands in the way of the them being able to do whatever they want. In his blind conceit and rage, Obama can’t even see how evil he is.”

Parker then echoed a popular sentiment that those who believe in big government don’t feel they need to be accountable to the people.

“Secularists hate the fact that Christians submit themselves to a God, and call him the creator of the earth,” Parker said.

“God has put boundaries over his creations and secularists only want to be accountable to themselves.”

Parker says that she has been treated differently in her own circles ever since she became critical of the president’s policies. When asked why she feels the need to speak out she replied:

“Even though most people embrace their own, I like to place more emphasis on policy ideas. I would also like to engage those African-Americans who voted against Obama in a deeper way. I am also very intrigued to find out the percentage of blacks who did not vote at all. Despite being registered.”

Parker says there is hope for a rational dialogue on race and policy, as she discussed her new upcoming TV project.

“Through my non-profit CURE (Center For Urban Renewal And Education) we are looking to purchase a one hour time slot for a television show on The Word Network. The network has a 95% black Christian audience and we are currently in the midst of a fund raising campaign to purchase the hour ahead of Jesse Jackson.”