Krauthammer On 2016: ‘There Is A Hunger’ Among Dems ‘For Something Other Than A Clinton’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Appearing on “Special Report” Wednesday night, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer remarked “there is a hunger” amongst the Democratic base for “something other than a Clinton” to lead their party come 2016. The conservative commentator made the comments following Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was forced into a run off by Jesus Chuy Garcia, a disciple of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Krauthammer added that he believes this primary result could force Warren to “think again about running” in 2016 against Clinton.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think there is a hunger for something other than a Clinton or old establishment. You see it. Although, I have to say, with a name like Jose Chuy, how can you lose. Excuse me, Jesus Chuy Garcia. That’s even better. He won the Hispanic and black vote. It shows you one other thing: Obama had great success with with those constituencies when he ran himself. He succeeded in 2008, and obviously in ’12. When he isn’t on the ticket, the party suffers. His charisma is not transitive. that tells us for 2016, you take away his pull, personal pull, but he doesn’t have coattails, you have to ask yourself if a Clinton will actually be able to do well if it’s not him at the top of the ticket. The hunger for something like a Warren on the Democratic base was expressed in Chicago and might prompt her to think again about running.