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Quote of the Day:

 “New lip gloss acquired. #CPAC2015

Jen, BU Student.

Eyebrows waxed: Check!

“You should know…I had my eyebrows done today. 😉 #CPAC2015 #TJAMS” — BiasedGirl, a.k.a. Mickey White.


Very Important Q 

“Serious question what is the dress for #CPAC2015 ? Dressy? Business casual? Casual? Semi-dressy? I need to know!” — Bluegrass Belle.

Um, things could get ugly today

“Happy National Media Makes Fun Of How CPAC Attendees Dress To Feel Better About Themselves Day.” — Drew, who goes by the Twitter handle @FigDrewton.

BOLD ADMISSION: “CPAC twitter = when dozens of reporters watch the same speech from the same hall and make the same points about the same moment. #imguilty” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein

Sarcasm is…

“I’m at CPAC today and can’t wait to hear Wayne LaPierre explain how our allies w/substantially lower murder rates are less safe than us.” — SiriusXM’s John Fugelsang.


“I have a good CPAC tweet idea but now I must await a setup. (This is a good tweet also)” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Bitchy confessional. 

“Treating CPAC as kitchy and charming and fun is one of my least favorite annual media rituals.” — Oliver Griswold, brand strategist, GMMB.

Travel Bitches

“Man getting to National Harbor is a pain this morning. #CPAC” — Caleb Howe, 

A Question We Must All Ask Ourselves

“On the shuttle to CPAC2015 Who will I run into at National Harbor?” — Jedd Rosche, CNN Breaking News Editor.