WSJ’s Jason Riley: Obama Sees America As ‘Greatest Threat To Global Stability’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Wall Street Journal editor Jason Riley said on Fox News’ “Special Report” that President Barack Obama is “fundamentally uncomfortable” with leading the free world because he actually believes that America is the greatest threat to global stability. (VIDEO: WSJ’s Jason Riley: Obama White House ‘Obsessed’ With ‘Racial Slights’)

RILEY: It’s spin. It’s spin and messaging, and it’s coming from a president who is fundamentally uncomfortable with being the leader of the free world. This is a president who thinks America is the greatest threat to world stability. And I think our allies and our enemies have picked up on this. They see weakness or they’re concerned. Assad sees weakness, Putin sees weakness, Netanyahu is concerned; so concerned, that he’s coming to this country because he feels that we’ll cut a deal with Iran that is going to jeopardize the very existence of Israel, an ally of ours. That’s how concerned he is. And this all starts with the White House and what it is projecting, which is uncertainty.

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