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Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke is challenging the radicalized Democrat Party to tolerate, rather than to destroy, dissenting local leaders.

The hard left and Michael Bloomberg want this strong black voice “taken out,” as he describes it in this two part video interview with The Daily Caller. Yet, he recently won his fourth term for sheriff in a liberal Democrat country, winning with higher percentages each time his name has been on the ballot.

With his unique views, this 36-year law enforcement professional has been dubbed “The People’s Sheriff.”

Clarke starts out this video interview by condemning those who would elevate the death of Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, “people engaged in criminal behavior,” as icons of a new civil rights movement. He says this would “desecrate the legacy of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“None of these people deserved to have been killed, but they were co-conspirators in their own demise.”

Turning to his own elections, he discusses the efforts made to defeat him in his primaries by Democrat leaders, the media, academics and Michael Bloomberg to no effect. Bloomberg, Clarke said, called it a personal vendetta and inserted a remarkable $750,000 worth of attack ads in this local race — in the last two weeks of the campaign — all because of the sheriff’s views on guns.

Turning to Eric Holder, the nation’s first black attorney general, Clarke thinks his unfortunate legacy will be “that he went south on cops.”

As for President Obama, Clarke decries Obama’s failure to heal and promote racial reconciliation as America’s first black president, saying, “he could have been on Mount Rushmore.” Instead, Obama played identity politics and his legacy will be, according to Clarke, that he was “very divisive.”

Clarke discusses the anarchists that are behind the escalating “war on law enforcement” that America is witnessing. Through propagating lies, myths, and propaganda, these radicals, he says, will use a few bad cops to “create enough chaos to destabilize existing institutions in this country so that they can pursue their socialist agenda.”

“Politics trumps what’s best for the country,” he says.

On how the cultural elites treat prominent blacks, Clarke discusses how some American blacks are vilified, including himself and Justice Clarence Thomas (this author’s husband), while others who espouse acceptable positions are protected.

As a sheriff who sends police officers out on the street every day in a county where black on black crime predominates, Clarke is tired of seeing “the criminal element holding good people hostage.” Known as an effective advocate of public safety, three of his public service announcements have gone viral, resonating with citizens who realize that the police cannot always be available to protect them.

In part two, he ends by explaining why he thinks it is time for race preference policies to be phased out, as we live in a better country than when those policies were put in place to overcome slavery. And, as someone with a masters in homeland security, he says he sees no strategy for dealing with Islamic extremism.


Sheriff Clarke was honored in May with the “Sheriff of the Year Award” from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for “demonstrating true leadership and courage… staying true to his oath, true to his badge, and true to the people he has promised to serve and protect.”

For more on Sheriff David A. Clarke, go to his blog here or follow him on Twitter here.

Ginni Thomas