Rubio: ‘I Come From Extraordinary Privilege’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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PALM BEACH, Fl. — Sen. Marco Rubio delivered the final speech of The Club for Growth Winter Conference Saturday night, and did not shy away from touching on topics ranging from the economy to national security to the importance of morals and family values.

In this excerpt, Rubio discusses why government shouldn’t disincentivize things like marriage:

“Our leaders have no problem telling us not to overeat, because it causes obesity and obesity causes diabetes and heart disease. Our leaders have no problem writing laws and rules making it harder to smoke. Well then, our political leaders should have no problem telling people that strong families are good for children — that divorce is bad for children — that being good and engaged parents is the most important gift you can give your child. In fact, people often say to me, ‘You don’t come from privilege,’ and I say, ‘You’re wrong, I do. I come from extraordinary privilege. I was raised by a mother and father who loved each other, were married to each other, and lived together, and loved us, and encouraged us to dream big dreams.'”

Watch the video here: