Susan Rice: Not ‘Realistic,’ ‘Achievable’ To Stop Iran From Nuclear Enrichment [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In her address to the AIPAC conference Monday evening, National Security Advisor Susan Rice said it was “neither realistic nor achievable” to stop Iran from enriching uranium in the future, as a deal hangs in the balance.

SUSAN RICE: We cannot let a totally unachievable ideal stand in the way of a good deal. I know that some of you will be urging Congress to insist that Iran forgo its domestic enrichment capacity entirely. But, but, but as desirable as that would be, it is neither realistic nor achievable.

Even our closest international partners in the P5+1 do not support denying Iran the ability ever to pursue peaceful nuclear energy. If that is our goal, our partners will abandon us and undermine the very sanctions we have imposed so effectively together. Simply put, that is not a viable negotiating position. Nor is it even attainable. The plain fact is, no one can make Iran un-learn the scientific and nuclear expertise it already possesses.