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Dr. Ben Carson: Budding Relationship Expert

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Forget the White House in 2016.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon with an exploratory committee for a GOP presidential candidacy, may have a future career in dispensing relationship advice. Think Dr. Ruth. Dr. Drew. Or even Dr. Phil. (Not Dan Savage, too raunchy for Carson’s taste. Plus he’s gay, which only happens in prison, apparently.)

Dr. Ben doesn’t have such a bad ring, does it?

On Wednesday, Carson began solidifying his future career as a relationship advisor by going on CNN’s “New Day” and insisting that being gay is a choice. He said many people “go into prison straight” and “come out gay.” Has Carson been binge watching HBO’s Oz? According to a story on, host Chris Cuomo asked Carson if being gay was a choice. He said, “Absolutely.”

Carson also took the moment to remind people about his stance on gay marriage. Yeah, he’s against it and thinks it could lead to bestiality and  pedophilia.

Yikes. This day might not end so well.

Carson has indeed received a boatload of shit for all that. WaPo even went out and asked experts to react to Carson’s homosexual prison theory. The two experts writer Philip Bump asked strongly disagreed with Carson. One called his analogy “insane.” The other said “who you fall in love with is never a matter of choice.” 

But why should Carson stop there? While he’s at it, why not weigh in on the marriage between Bill and Hillary Clinton? 

After the “New Day” fiasco, Carson emerged again in a column by Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard saying that the Clintons’ marriage is a “relationship of convenience.”

Bedard specifically asked Carson if Hillary should’ve left Bill after his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinksy. Carson didn’t seem to flinch in his reply — which is how any good relationship expert has to be. “Well, it’s a relationship of convenience,” he said. “It is what it is.”

Carson also said it would be great to have someone in the Oval Office who “exercises wisdom and discretion.”

With pissed off Kelly Osbourne leaving E!’s Fashion Police and Rosie O’Donnell stomping off The View to tend to her divorce, Carson’s got options.

Maybe he wants to throw his hat into the ring?