‘This Is Not How Hillary Clinton Goes Down!’ SNL Lampoons Hillary Over State Dept Emails [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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After a week of non-stop talk about Hillary Clinton’s email practices, it was time for “Saturday Night Live” to take a swing at the former secretary of state during the show’s opening.

And a swing they took.

Showing a hyper-possessed candidate who has her eyes on nothing other than becoming president, Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) addressed the ongoing situation, showing off emails one could expect if they became public.

“This is not how Hillary Clinton goes down!” she exclaimed after talking the recent revelations.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born 67 years ago and I have been planning on being president ever since. There will be no mistakes in my rise to the top….if I decide to run,” she said.

Clinton continued to poke fun at herself and her perceived lack of transparency, telling viewers they could even see her Netflix and private Instagram accounts.

“I’m not stopping at email. You want to check my Netflix? Go ahead, nothing to hide. Every day, I watch “House Of Cards” from start to finish,” she said. “I jog in place and watch it like I’m in a Rocky training montage.”