Here’s A Sneak Peak At The Training That Goes Into Becoming A Secret Service Officer [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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There’s more to being a Secret Service member than letting gunmen on elevators with the president and allowing guys to streak across the White House lawn.

All jokes aside, potential officers must undergo a grueling six-month training program before getting approved to protect the commander in chief, and thanks to ABC News, we now know exactly what goes into training our nation’s top bodyguards.

Before taking their oaths, officers practice a wide variety of subjects — ranging “from firearms and first aid to self-defense and driving exercises” — and by the end of the six-month program, each agent has a very particular, “Taken-esque” set of skills.


Hold the phone.

Did you see that 180-degree turn?

That guy flipped the whip faster than you can say November 2016.

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