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1. Twitter and self-promotion…Yeah, the two tend to horribly go hand in hand. But New York mag’s “The Cut” did something interesting with it this week by asking 12 women in media to share their thoughts about it. Noteworthy: The two BuzzFeed employees interviewed have zero problem with self-promotion on Twitter — they view it as a natural extension of their jobs and something they’d obviously do. Nearly all the others think it’s largely a pretty gross habit along with retweeting praise. Speaking of which: “Pragmatically speaking, I think it might make me seem braggy or insecure,” says Emily Nussbaum, TV critic at The New Yorker on retweeting compliments. And Leah Finnegan of Gawker: “I don’t retweet praise, I think that’s weird.” Read here.

2. “The Clinton-press clash shows no signs of abating”...The Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove tackles the testy relationship between Hillary Clinton and the press corps. which seems as intent on eating her alive as she does at dodging them. Aside from over-quoting National Journal‘s Ron Fournier, which comes off as severely preachy in tone, Bob Shrum, a prof at NYU and former presidential campaign strategist for Al Gore and John Kerry, makes a good point in this piece. Which is that the press sees itself as Hillary’s primary opponent since she really has none. Read here.

3. Gawker discusses Robin Wright Penn’s orgasms…Meet the man who’s making all her sex dreams come true. Read here.