NBC’s Chuck Todd: Clintons Are ‘Secretive,’ ‘Lawyerly,’ ‘Dismissive Of The Press’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd penned a scathing piece on the Hillary Clinton email scandal for NBC News, saying that being “secretive,” lawyerly,” and “dismissive and the press” was simply “the Clinton Way.”

The piece, entitled “The Clinton Way: Hillary Follows a Familiar Script,” was also co-authored by NBC political reporters Mark Murray and Carrie Dann. “Our colleague [NBC News senior political correspondent] Perry Bacon Jr. put it well: What we learned yesterday is that Hillary Clinton hasn’t changed a thing,” the op-ed reads. (VIDEO: Chuck Todd: ‘I Would Bet’ Obama And Hillary Exchanged Emails)

“In her news conference responding to her use of personal emails as secretary of state,” it continues, “Clinton was 1) lawyerly, 2) dismissive of the news media’s interest in the story…, 3) telling reporters and the public that they were going to have to trust her regarding the emails she preserved versus those she didn’t, and 4) giving Democrats and defenders just the bare minimum…”

“Folks, this is the Clinton Way,” the authors write. “Secretive. Lawyerly. Dismissive of the press.”

[h/t NBC News]

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