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Quote of the Day:

“Never advocate for media diversity and fair coverage of black people on twitter. just never tweet.”

advice from WaPo‘s Ferguson activist Wesley Lowery.

Typo goes to shit 

“I just typo’ed “this” to ‘shit’ #LongTuesday” — Politico‘s Seung Min Kim.


Radio host sifts through his email trash 

“Looking thru my email trash and realizing that it’s often not so black and white as to what is personal and what is professional.” — Michael Smerconish, SiriusXM POTUS Channel.

A Question We Must All Ponder

“Why are there so many poop stories today!?” — Breitbart NewsMary Chastain.

WANTED: Quotes

“It’s not like I have particular insight or knowledge.” — CNN contributor and former Bill Clinton aide Paul Begala in a WaPo story by Ben Terris about pundits opining on who will run for president. “We are suffering from news inflation: too many reporters chasing too few stories.”

“Never heard any institutional racism in my college fraternity. Institutional cro-magnon attitudes towards women? Absolutely. #Realkeeping.” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Ezra Klein has a food soulmate in this guy 

“Life is short. But I know for a fact that the world — my world — is a better place with Chop’t in it.” — Washington Examiner‘s media writer Eddie Scarry, who apparently has something BIG in common with VoxEzra Klein, who has also expressed his love of Chop’t over the years.

NYT‘s James Risen: ‘The Interloper’

“I feel like an interloper here. I’ve been a print guy all my career. I know nothing about TV or radio except what I see and hear.” — James Risen, NYT, an honoree at the Radio Television Digital News Association’s First Amendment Awards Dinner.

Journo dreams about ex-Veep Dick Cheney

“Here I thought the era of Dick Cheney landing in my dreams was over. Damn you NyQuil!” — Capitol Hill freelancer Matt Laslo.

Reporter enjoys a pre-work war on drugs lecture 

“Sleepy this morning but my roommate, a Cato researcher, is playing a Milton Friedman lecture on the war on drugs so I got that going for me.” — The Daily Beast‘s Tim Mak.


“I’m one month and one day into a broken leg and now a setback. I hate this week.” — Chris Peleo-Lazar, Senate aide, former National Journal “The Hotline” staffer.

Columnist imagines Clinton’s linen-laced emails on Chelsea’s wedding 

“If HRC’s emails abt Chelsea’s wedding are like my family’s there will be at least a dozen re: linens. Any fewer, they’re covering up.” — Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

The press is just so RUDE 

“Just saw one @edshow FB commenter at bottom of the screen call the press ‘rude.'” — Washington Free Beacon video editor David Rutz.