Ousted Scott Walker Aide: Democrats Dug Up My Old Tweets About Iowa

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Political consultant Liz Mair resigned under pressure from Scott Walker’s budding presidential campaign after her past tweets criticizing Iowa as the first caucus state were publicized.

Mair, hired Monday as online communications chief for Walker’s PAC Our American Revival, said that Democrats were behind the effort to dig up her old tweets in an effort to knock her out of Walker-world.

“The sooner we remove Iowa’s frontrunning status, the better off American politics and policy will be,” Mair tweeted in January. Mair also tweeted during the Iowa Freedom Summit, “In other news, I see Iowa is once again embarrassing itself, and the GOP, this morning. Thanks, guys.”

Mair’s tweets were published by The Des Moines Register, which noted that Democrats “pointed out” some of Mair’s comments to the newspaper. Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann called on Walker to fire Mair.

“One thing I forgot to mention– credit to Democrats (DNC or Iowa Dem Party?). They’re the ones that dug up my tweets & pitched story,” Mair tweeted Wednesday morning after she resigned.

Mair, a Republican National Committee online communications director during the 2008 campaign, runs her own political consulting firm but also identifies herself as a blogger and commentator. She is known to be a staunch libertarian. Some conservatives also pointed to her previous support for immigration reform, but Walker’s camp insisted that Mair was not hired in any policy capacity.

“The tone of some of my tweets concerning Iowa was at odds with that which Gov. Walker has always encourag ed in political discourse,” Mair said in a statement. “I wish Gov. Walker and his team all the best.”

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