McCain Chastises Durbin’s ‘Inflammatory’ ‘Back Of The Bus’ Comments On Senate Floor [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A day after Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said that Republicans were putting African-American attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch on the “back of the bus,” Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor to shame him for his “inflammatory” comments. (RELATED: Durbin: GOP Should Confirm Lorretta Lynch Because Of Selma Anniversary)

McCain began by noting that Durbin was a person friend of his. “We served in the House together and here in this body, and have worked together. That is why I was so surprised and disappointed by the comments that he made yesterday on the floor of the Senate, comments that are totally inappropriate.”

“Mr. President, what is beneath the decorum and dignity of the United States Senate – I would say to the senator from Illinois – is for him to come to this floor and use that imagery and suggest that racist tactics are being employed to delay Ms. Lynch’s confirmation vote,” McCain said. “Such inflammatory rhetoric has no place in this body and serves no purpose other than to further divide us.”

He noted that Durbin had also opposed and filibustered African-American women when they were nominated by Republican presidents. Durbin was among the Democrats who held up the confirmation of African-American judge Janice Rogers Brown for a whopping 684 days. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Dick Durbin’s Office Sought To Block Bush’s ‘Latino’ Court Nominee)

“I would never suggest — even with veiled rhetoric — that Judge Rogers Brown’s race was the reason for the Senator from Illinois’ opposition to her nomination,” McCain said angrily. “and he should extend that same courtesy to me and my colleagues.”

“Mr. President, I regret deeply that the Senator from Illinois chose to come here yesterday and question the integrity and motivations of me and my Republican colleagues. It was offensive and unnecessary. I think he owes this body, Ms. Lynch, and all Americans, an apology.”

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