Lexington High School Keeps ‘American Pride’ Dance Theme

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Lexington has become the battleground for another war over America. Administrators at Lexington High School were considering renaming the “American Pride” dance to “National Pride” amidst concerns over “inclusiveness.” America, however, prevailed.

Lexington, Mass. was incorporated as its own town in 1713. It is the site of the first battle of the Revolutionary War. On April 19, 1775, “the shot heard round the world” was fired there.

Despite the town of Lexington’s history regarding America’s founding, and although the theme won the most votes from students, school administrators at Lexington High School suggested students reconsider the “American Pride” event.

WHDH reported the school’s assistant superintendent, Carol Pilarski, was worried that, “[G]iven the diverse demography of our community it was suggested by the advisers that the students come maybe national pride theme [sic] so they could represent their individual nationalities.”

After outrage from students, parents, and the Internet, the school decided to keep the “American Pride” formal American, reports.

The school maintains the event was never officially changed to reflect “National Pride” but, according to superintendent Paul Ash, “There was discussion. I’m not going to deny that.”

Lexington High School principal, Laura Lasa, is ultimately in charge of the final decision regarding school events.

Lasa told Fox News, “We were in a conversation with the kids about how the theme would be presented so that we could make sure that it was inclusive to all students.” Lasa implies the students merely misinterpreted the discussion as forbidding the pro-America dance. “We want to make sure kids do not feel they can’t go to a dance because of whatever the theme is.”

Lasa said, “We’re going forward with supporting their theme of American Pride.”

Lexington High School, with the motto “The Historic Past Meets The Progressive Future,” released a statement on its website defending the school dance: “Lexington High School students have selected a theme of American Pride for a junior/senior class dance that will be held on April 10, 2015 as scheduled. As the birthplace of the American Revolution, Lexington is proud of our historic roots that have helped to shape the values of our diverse and inclusive community today.”

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