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Quote of the Day:

“For Easter, the Obamas head to Alexandria, Va. ‘This is not selfie time,’ the pastor says. ‘Let the brother worship in the house of God.'”

Boston Globe White House correspondent Matt Viser.

The Weekly Standard staff wants WHAT? 

“Getting emails from @weeklystandard staff urging we adopt @RollingStone job performance evaluation procedures and job security provisions.” — The Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Bill Kristol.


Uh oh…should someone steal his charger? 

“I must be getting older. Some of my happiest times are when my phone battery is dead.” — CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter.

But who’s counting? 

“I have had over 15 nationally prominent journalists who have quietly thanked me for my work exposing #jackiecoakley & #RollingStone.” — GotNewsCharles Johnson.

Rolling Stone‘s bad judgement call 

“#RollingStone – published a story which devastated so many reputations based on one single source.” — Michael Smerconish, SiriusXM and CNN.

“Yeah, overall a truly magnificent and all encompassing bed shitting.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

“Contacting every person referred or alluded to in a story was probably my first lesson as a fact checker (after where to find red pencils).” — Joshua Hersh, the Michael Hastings fellow at BuzzFeed.

Politico‘s gossip reporter eavesdrops at a Georgetown nail salon

“If just for the eavesdropping, always get an extra 15-minutes of foot massage w a pedi at Georgetown Nails. #protip.” — Politico gossip columnist Kate Bennett.

How cute: talk of eating rabbit on Easter 

“Eating a real rabbit > eating a chocolate rabbit.” — WSJ‘s Byron Tau.

The Observer

“Gotta watch the French media next few days. They played bad cop in the Iran talks a few times. What worries do they have?” — Yahoo! NewsOlivier Knox.

Travel Bitches

“I mean seriously @AmericanAir this plane is just embarrassing (unless I’m confused and the year is 1982.” — Bloomberg PoliticsJohn Heilemann.

American Airlines tried to soothe him by replying, “In the next few years we’ll have the youngest fleet in the industry, John. We hope you’ll still with us.”

“The lady next to me takes up her seat and half of mine.” — Washington Examiner‘s social media guru Ben Smith.

“Y’all have no idea how itchy it is in Atlanta. It’s Lovecraftian. The squelchy spindles that wriggled inside you by the pores, yawning.” — Ian Bogost, contributing editor, The Atlantic.


“Just drove through the Starbucks drive thru, after taking a leisurely stroll through Target. I love suburban life.” — Elizabeth Holmes, senior style reporter, WSJ.

Bloomberg View‘s Eli Lake’s mom gives him an interesting gift for Passover

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