Liberal HuffPo Editor: Hillary Offering Up No ‘Substance’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Even the liberal media doesn’t think Hillary Clinton is doing a lot differently from her unsuccessful 2008 campaign.

In an appearance on “The Rundown” with host Jose Diaz-Balart, Huffington Post editor Howard Fineman remarked that the former secretary of state’s current campaign is facing many of the same problems it did in 2008.

Specifically, Fineman told the host that Clinton isn’t offering up much by way of “new proposals” or “substance” for the future of America. The Huffington Post editor added that she’s “facing the same problem” from eight years ago of “being a sitting duck for criticism from the entire Republican establishment.”

“Having covered that last campaign and watching this one, I can tell you Hillary is trying to do things different but she’s sort of facing a similar problem,” Fineman said. “She was establishment then and she’s the establishment now.”

“She — in her early appearances in Iowa, is stressing the fact that she’s listening to people, talking to real people. That’s utterly different from what she did last time,” Fineman continued. “But the same thing is that there’s not a lot of news being made. She’s not making any news about new proposals, about the substance of her blueprint for the future of America, and into that vacuum, stories like the email controversy rush.”

“So, she’s facing the same problem of kind of being a sitting duck for criticism and attack from all around and the entire Republican establishment and all of the Republican candidates are going to compete with each other to see who can attack Hillary the most,” he said. “She’s going to face a year’s worth of attacks from all around until she starts saying specific things.”