George Will: I Hope Trump Runs And Gets ‘Shellacked’ In GOP Primary

Al Weaver Reporter
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George Will wants Donald Trump to run for one reason and one reason only: so he never hears from the real estate mogul in political circles ever again.

Appearing on the “Special Report” panel Friday night, the syndicated columnist put a grand total of $1 of his allotted $100 on Trump with the hope that it temps him to run so he gets his clock cleaned during a 2016 primary.

“$1 on Donald Trump in the hope that he will be tempted to run, predictably shellacked and we will be spared this quadrennial charade of his,” Will told host Bret Baier.

“Wow,” Baier said.

In addition to the lone dollar on Trump, Will put $35 on Scott Walker, $25 on Jeb Bush, and $15 on Marco Rubio and Chris Christie apiece. He also placed $5 and $4 bets on John Kasich and Bobby Jindal, respectively.

On the Democratic side, the conservative commentator put his remaining $49 (with the other $51 going to Hillary Clinton) on Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. Though there has been no hint of Brown even entertaining a run, Will thinks he could give her more than just a run for her money.

“$49 on someone so obscure he doesn’t even know he’s running, but I think he should. That’s Sherrod Brown,” Will said. “He looks like someone who just spent the night at the barricades.”

“He’s impeccably wrong on all issues of public policy except one, and that is he does want to break up banks that are too big to fail,” Will continued. “He’s right about that. He’s from a swing state. He has enormous political skills, as he’s shown in that state, and which she’s shown none of.”