Judge Napolitano: Bribery Allegations Against Hillary Clinton Are ‘Truly Damning’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said on “The Kelly File” Monday the allegations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exchanged favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation are “truly damning.”

He also said the Obama Justice Department must launch a criminal investigation. (VIDEO: Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Faces ‘Three Years In Jail, Per Document’)

NAPOLITANO: These allegations are far more serious than those for which Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey was indicted. And they essentially form the same type of allegation, a quid pro quo: You give cash to me or someone else on my behalf, and I exercise my official governmental judgment in favor of you.

Now I haven’t seen the book; we haven’t seen it. But we’ve read a version of it in the New York Times– or a summary in the New York Times– and the allegations are truly damning. They are clearly enough to trigger an investigation. The allegations showed timelines of contributions to the family foundation and decisions made by Mrs Clinton favorable to the contributor. Or contributions to the family foundation and sky-high– $500,000 a speech, unheard of in this business– speaking fees to her husband. Or contributions to the family foundation and two years later, sky-high speaking fees to Mrs. Clinton.

Look, the essence of bribery is the quid pro quo. You do something for me or in my behalf, and I exercise my official governmental powers in favor of you. That’s what Senator Menendez was indicted for, having to do with visas and Medicare reimbursement. This has to do with the foreign policy and arguably the security of the nation.

KELLY: You’re saying that this is not only potentially unethical, but she may have actually committed felonies while in office?

NAPOLITANO: I am saying that if the version of the book that we have read stands up under scrutiny, the Justice Department must commence a criminal investigation of Mrs Clinton’s behavior about the time period about which the book is written.

I don’t know what Peter Schweizer, the author– I don’t know what his motivation may be… But if the evidence is sound there, the Justice Department will have no choice but commence an investigation or endure the mocking the of the legal community that the Justice Department of the United States of America is not there to enforce federal law against a popular — they perceive to be popular — political figure.

WATCH (starting @ 3:10):

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