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Want To Be On A Douchey Power List?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If you’re a political journalist in Washington, chances are high that at some point in your career you’ll be named to one of those embarrassing power and influence lists. If you spend your life on Twitter and peddle your so-called influence that way, you’re a real shoe in. And if you’re pretty (or even pretty ugly) you can make The Hill‘s “50 Most Beautiful People” list.

StatSocial recently unveiled its “Most Influential Political Journalists On Social Media” list and many journos all around Washington and New York fell all over themselves to see how they ranked on the 250-person list.

(Full disclosure: I recently made a Mediaite power list and will have to forever endure being named alongside CNN’s Brian Stelter, who enjoyed selfies with his wife as laid off colleagues were packing up their belongings and considers ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) a credible source even though he repeatedly lied to CNN, and worse, WaPo‘s rarely reported media blogger Erik Wemple, who, as many know, ran TBD into the ground. It’s a joy and an honor. Thanks a lot, Andrew Kirell.)

With that positive preface, today, Red Alert Politics is asking for nominations for its 30 Under 30 list.

“Do you know a young, center-right elected official, political activist, journalist, political operative or campus leader who is making a difference in the political landscape? Each year, Red Alert selects 30 impressive up-and-coming leaders to honor based on the positive impact they’ve had on the conservative movement. Nominees must be 30 years old or younger prior to July 1, 2015.”

Fill out the nomination form here.