Liberal Mag Asks ‘Who’s The New Teddy Kennedy?’ Here Are 5 Worthy Candidates

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The Washington Monthly, a small, bimonthly leftist magazine funded largely by left-leaning philanthropies, sprayed out an email on Friday entitled: “WEEKLY WRAP-UP: Who’s the new Teddy Kennedy?”

The magazine promises its story will answer the question: “Who is doing a better job of carrying Teddy Kennedy’s torch: Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker?”

Strangely, the actual piece itself doesn’t mention former Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy by name at all.

In any case, The Daily Caller wants to help. Here are five Americans who are doing a great job at being “the new Teddy Kennedy.”

Hancock County JailSurry, Maine resident Steven H. Moon faces charges including manslaughter and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants, according to The Bangor Daily News.

On the evening of May 28, 2011, police say, Moon was driving a 1997 Subaru Legacy wagon. He crashed. The automobile went off the road, killing Caleb Foster, 27, one of three passengers in the vehicle.

Miami Dade CorrectionsIn the wee hours of Aug. 14, 2013, police say, 24-year-old Florida resident Mila Dago ran a red light in Miami and slammed the rented Smart Car she was driving into a truck, according to the Miami Herald.

Dago’s friend, Irina Reinoso, 22 at the time, was killed in the wreck. Reinoso was sitting in the tiny vehicle’s passenger seat.

Just three minutes before the crash, Dago had texted “Driving drunk woo…” to a boyfriend with whom she was breaking up.

Dago faces four charges including DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

Haynes Cortland County Sheriff's OfficeDaniel A. Haynes, 29, of Virgil, N.Y. faces over 20 criminal charges including aggravated vehicular homicide, DWI and reckless driving after police say he hit a utility pole driving at speeds of over 100 miles per hour last month, according to The Post-Standard of Syracuse.

Haynes’s youngest daughter, 6-year-old Alexia Haynes, died in the crash. Haynes had his other two daughters in the car as well. They survived. None of the children were wearing seat belts.

Haynes was allegedly taking his three girls to a nearby babysitter so that he could find a designated driver to hit the bars with his friends.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's OfficeOn the afternoon of March 21, police say, Clayton G. Woodard, 24, wrecked a car in a single-vehicle accident in Starks, La., according to the Southwest Daily News.

The passenger in Woodard’s car, 49-year-old James Reeves, died in the crash.

Neither man in the car was wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred.

Woodard faces charges of DWI, careless operation of a motor vehicle and vehicular homicide.

Stephan Harbison faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and DWI related to a January car crash, according to CBS New York.

Suffolk County PoliceHarbison, a Long Island resident, plowed his car into a tree. Two passengers were riding with him. One was killed in the wreck. The other suffered a serious brain injury.

Police say the 27-year-old man gave officers a fake name and said he wasn’t the driver of the vehicle. His blood-alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit.


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Photos: Hancock County Jail, Miami-Dade Corrections, Cortland County Sheriff’s Office, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Suffolk County Police