Romney Slams Hillary’s ‘Political,’ ‘Inappropriate’ Reaction To Baltimore Riots [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slammed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s comments on the Baltimore riots, calling them “political” and “inappropriate” in an interview with “Fox and Friends” Monday.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked for Romney’s comments on Clinton’s statement that “without the mass incarceration that we currently practice, millions fewer people would be living in poverty.” (VIDEO: Romney: ‘Every Appearance’ Is That ‘Hillary Clinton Was Bribed’)

“I was concerned that her comments really smacked of politicization of the terrible tragedies that are going on there,” he responded. “When she said, ‘Look, we’re not going to have mass incarcerations in the future,’ what is she referring to?”

“We don’t have mass incarcerations in America,” Romney continued. “Individuals are brought before tribunals and they have counsel, they’re given certain rights. Are we not going to lock people up who commit crimes? Is that what she’s suggesting?”

“I thought it was very inappropriate for her to do, and political in nature to get more support in the African-American community,” he concluded. “I think it was a big mistake on her part, and simply wrong.” (VIDEO: Sheriff Clarke: Charges Against Baltimore Cops ‘A Miscarriage Of Justice’)


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