This Guy Is A Teacher AND PASTOR. He Got Busted In A Motel Prostitution Sting

A public high school teacher in Greeley, Colo. who is also a pastor at a Methodist church was busted last week in a prostitution sting at a motel in nearby Fort Collins.

The teacher and pastor is John Derek Haffner, reports the Greeley Tribune.

Haffner, 52, is a career and life choices teacher at Greeley Central High School. He is also a student graduation interventionist.

In addition, Haffner is a pastor at First United Methodist Church in Pierce, Colo., a tiny town just north of Greeley.

His LinkedIn page explains that his role at the church is to “council persons with personal, ethical or spiritual struggles,” notes CBS Denver.

Police arrested Haffner on Wednesday on charges of soliciting a prostitute and patronizing a prostitute. Both charges are misdemeanors.

A total of eight suspected johns were entrapped in the sting.

The scene of the arrest as “a hotel in the 2900 block of Harmony Road in Fort Collins,” according to the Tribune. That address looks to be a Cambria Suites or possibly a Hilton Garden Inn (respectively the #2 and #7 hotels in the town at the base of the Rocky Mountains).

Haffner’s no-doubt-soon-to-be-removed Greeley Central High School faculty webpage contains this highly true personal message for students: “Conscience is an expensive thing to keep.”

“Hello Wildcats!” Haffner’s bio also declares. “I am J. Derek Haffner, and am excited to begin our journey as the new Student Graduation Interventionist here at the Castle! As a result of my 27-year career in the United States Air Force, traveling and exploring our world remains as a central focus of my life.”

He has lived in Colorado since 1996, he says, “with my three children and the greatest dog in the world, a black Labrador Retriever named Cooper.”

He also notes his education, which includes a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and a current Master’s stint at Duke University.

According to an job description, the job of a student graduation interventionist in Greeley is to “work with identified students who are at-risk for suspension, expulsion, and dropping out.”

Officials at Greeley Central High placed Haffner on administrative leave early Friday afternoon.

He is a probationary teacher and his contract won’t be renewed in the fall, a school district spokeswoman told the Tribune.

The teacher posted bail and was released from jail on Friday. Formal charges are expected soon.

In December 2013, Rev. Bryant Badger, a retired pastor and a former ethics professor, was busted late last month for leaving a bunch of graphically obscene notes in porta-potties at Morad Park in Casper, Wyo. The smutty notes helpfully indicated the retired reverend’s phone number. (RELATED: Retired Ethics Professor — AND PASTOR — Busted For Leaving Obscene Sex Notes In Porta-Potties)

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