‘SNL’ Actress Who Mocks Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Obviously Rooting For Her’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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The actress who regularly mocks Hillary Clinton on “Saturday Night Live” said she’s “obviously” supporting her for president.

In an interview alongside Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer in “The Hollywood Reporter,” Kate McKinnon was asked what it was like to have such a “huge platform” of spoofing Clinton this season.

McKinnon clarified that not only does she play her — she admires her.

“I do feel pressure,” McKinnon said. “I’m rooting for her, obviously.”

Kate McKinnon supports Hillary Clinton for president

(Photo: NBC screen grab)


McKinnon — who said she would make Hillary’s slogan “Guys, come on” — has made fun of Hillary for everything from her impending 2016 social media announcement to her email practices. (VIDEO: SNL’s Robert Durst Impression Is Perfect…Down To The Liar’s Blink)

“It’s a combination of the writers’ take on her but also this contrast between a woman so driven and hardened by her experiences — She needs this! The country needs this! — and this sweetie granny from the Midwest. The juxtaposition.”

“I’d be nervous to meet her,” McKinnon said. “I find her so resplendent.”

For those who don’t watch, McKinnon has also spoofed accused murderer Robert Durst and Justin Bieber. (VIDEO: ‘SNL’ Mocks Justin Bieber’s Junk In HILARIOUS Skit)