Marilyn Mosby Says Her Twitter Account Was Hacked And That She Did Not Endorse Anti-Cop Tweet [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The office of Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is claiming that her personal Twitter account was hacked and that she did not “favorite” a racially-charged tweet and another one calling the six Baltimore cops charged in the Freddie Gray case “thugs.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported on the denial but also cast some doubt on the claim.

Earlier on Wednesday, The Daily Caller reported on the two tweets in question, which were posted on May 6.

One called the officers charged in the Gray case “those 6 THUG cops.” The other tweet, from a different user, praised Mosby’s handling of the case and asserted that she “INFURIATES a certain kind of white person.” (RELATED: Marilyn Mosby Endorsed Tweet Calling Baltimore Cops ‘THUGS’)

Endorsing such messages would indicate a strong bias in the case.

But later Wednesday, Kelly reported that Mosby’s office is denying that the attorney favorited the two messages.

“Both Mosby’s official Twitter account and her personal account were hacked,” the prosecutor’s office told Kelly.

“We do not know how long it’s been going on, we are working with Twitter,” Mosby’s team claimed.

While it was known that the Baltimore City state’s attorney’s official Twitter account was hacked last week, this is the first time that anyone has claimed Mosby’s personal account was also infiltrated.

Mosby tweeted from her personal account on May 23 that her official government account had been hacked. But she made no reference to a breach of her personal account.

Kelly cast some doubt on the claim, pointing out that the tweets in question were from several weeks ago. Further, it would be odd if the alleged hacker merely favorited two random tweets.

“I don’t know what the true story is…but clearly this DA has made enough statements that she is out way ahead of her skis,” Kelly told guest Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor in California, agreed.

She called Mosby’s statements and actions so far “highly improper and unethical.”

“This is an activist in my opinion,” Guilfoyle said. “She is supposed to be an impartial evaluator of the facts of the case.”

Mosby drew criticism as soon as she entered the national stage in the Gray case. During her public announcement of the charges against the officers on May 1, Mosby was accused of sounded more like a civil rights activist than a law enforcement official.

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace,'” she said at the time.

Attorneys for the six charged cops have cited Mosby’s statements in several court motions filed this month. They have filed a motion to dismiss the case, as well as another one, and called on Mosby to recuse herself. In that motion, the lawyers claimed that Mosby is biased and has numerous conflicts of interest. The attorneys acted again on Wednesday by filing a motion for a change of venue. In the 85-page complaint, the attorneys claimed that it will be impossible for the six officers to get a fair trial in Baltimore.


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