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Quote of the Day:

“I had a dream about Mika and Katty Kay last night.”

Donny Deutsch on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Lede of the Day

“For better or for worse, this is what happens when @HunterW writes my ledes.” — Business Insider‘s Colin Campbell. He’s referring to his colleague Hunter Walker. This is the story and it involves Ben & Jerry’s feuding with a top GOP political operative. So what if Rocky Road is Baskin-Robbins?

“It’s a rocky road to get to the White House.” 

The Observer

“You are a hack if you must fabricate quotes to justify your dislike of a candidate.” — TheBlazeDana Loesch.

On Richard Simmons’ physique…

“‘You know, for someone who works out so much, he’s in terrible shape.’ – My dad discussing Richard Simmons.” — Katherine Timpf, reporter, NationalReviewOnline.

Job prospect

“Hey journalists: I’m looking for an environmental writer-editor. Bonus for Spanish fluency. Email resumes to alexis.madrigal at fusion.” — Fusion‘s Alex Madrigal.


“My cough sounds like a sea lion went on a cable news show with a book to promote.” — Julianne Smolinski, GQ.

Journo argues about the semi-colon 

“The Semi-Colon: How a Simple Punctuation Mark Has Made Titles So Incredibly Long and Complex That Some of Them Won’t Even Fit on a Twitter F.” — Jeff Greenfield, TV political analyst.

A Question To Ask Ourselves: “Anybody seen any good movies recently that they would recommend?” — Twitter phenomenon Marty Rudolf.

Confessional 2. 

“Day’s over: I just got a pitch about ‘Masturbation Month’ which, apparently, is a thing.” — Aaron Task, editor-at-large, Yahoo Finance.

Comedian has a question about narcissistic presidential hopefuls 

“Is there an extra pathetic strain of narcissism that drives people who will never win, & worse, will make ZERO impact, to run for president?” — Comedian and liberal Lizz Winstead.

Online relationships…

Ben Howe works for RedState. “Matthew” is a Twitter weirdo from Texas. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.40.25 PM


Look who else is following noted webcam model Jenna Jameson 

(The Weekly Standard‘s Jim Swift says he’s following her back because he’s a gentleman.)