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Quote of the Day:

“May start structuring my tweets to avoid twitter jail.”

Josh Greenman, opinion editor New York Daily News.

Alan Dershowitz comes to the assistance of Charles C. Johnson 

“For anyone who truly supports the open marketplace of ideas, Twitter’s decision to ban Charles Johnson from its influential stall in that marketplace is unjustified. Let people who disagree with Johnson try to reply to him rather than try to censor him.” — Alan Dershowitz, over the weekend.

Let’s not forget, Dershowitz helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted of murder, so maybe Johnson has a fighting chance.

As Johnson explained to The Mirror, “I created a website in high school that caused a massive protest on campus that led to me getting blacklisted from most colleges. The diversity director thought it would be fun to humiliate me in front of the school by having me debate Dershowitz. Instead, he offered me a job.”

What job was it? “The job was as a research assistant on his books and cases He wrote me a glowing letter of recommendation.”

Johnson plans to visit Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco this week.


“Something about the aroma of cinnamon makes me smile. #itsmy2cents” — Black Larry King.

Isn’t it ironic? 

“Biden has endured more tragedy than most will ever face. Yet he’s best known on the Internet for an Onion article.” — HuffPost reporter Jason Cherkis.

Possible future Prez: Mr. Donald Trump…

“All the haters and losers must admit that, unlike others, I never attacked dopey Jon Stewart for his phony last name. Would never do that!” — Donald Trump.

Yahoo! News‘ Olivier Knox Gets Marty’D but CNN’s Chris Moody breaks in

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Travel Bitches 

“Breathtaking! $$$ a night to stay @HiltonHotels Ohare and they still want to charge me $14.95 for the Internet.” — CNN’s Richard Quest.

Ana Navarro does not like wearing Spanx

“Only thing worse than having to wear Spanx, is having to wear Spanx to an outdoor wedding in Miami in the Summer. #Purgatory” — CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

The Observer

“Rep @MarshaBlackburn: ‘The media is not going to be with us this election cycle, so we might as well accept that.'” — Dave Boucher, reporter, Tennessean.

James O’Keefe smushed himself between Rangel and Menendez on a train


“Sitting in between Rep. Rangel and Sen. Menendez while in transit, I felt like the Feds would raid at any moment.” — James O’Keefe, self-described investigative journalist.