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Hillary’s Campaign Relaunch Bumps Roosevelt Island Children’s Event, Blood Drive

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Go to the back of the line, kids. Go to the back of the line.

Geoff Earle, NY Post:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t pick the best time to stage a major campaign rally at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island later this month.

According to the park’s website, a specially planned event for tots called Imagination Playground — which features unique blue building blocks — has been canceled to accommodate the Democratic front-runner for president.

Also at risk of major inconvenience: an annual celebration called Roosevelt Island Day, which features a blood drive, hot dog stands and free rides for kids.

Take that, brats. You don’t get to play, because Grandma needs to salvage her awful presidential campaign.



This is a good look for Hillary Clinton. But why stop there? Wherever she goes, she should find a little kid with a cookie and slap it out of his hand. Instead of kissing babies, take away their pacifiers and make them cry. Her base will love it, because they despise children.

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(Hat tip: Jessica Chasmar)