Protests Scheduled Over Circumcision Of Four-Year-Old

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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A protest is planned to take place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital over the circumcision of Chase Nebus-Hironimus, a four-year-old, The Broward Palm Beach New Times reports.

This is not the first time Chase has been in the news. His mother had been battling the boy’s father in court over the procedure, until a judge gave her the ultimatum that she either sign the consent form or stay in prison for contempt of court. (RELATED: Florida Mom Agrees To Have Son Circumcised To Avoid Jail Time)

Over 600 people have been invited to this protest on a Facebook group titled, “Protest Dr. Gary Birken.” Birken is the Surgeon-in-Chief at the hospital and will be performing the procedure on Thursday in Hollywood, Fl.

A protest had worked before in Boynton Beach to dissuade surgeon from going ahead with the operation. The boy’s mother had also successfully avoided his circumcision by going into hiding with him for two months.

An anonymous message from an alleged employee of the hospital sent to the anti-circumcision Facebook group Chase’s Guardians states that, “Dr Birken will cut Chase no matter what Chase says or does in office.”

This unconfirmed information has the activists up in arms submitting 1-star reviews of the hospital online. The U.S News and Report released its own reviews of Pediatric Hospitals Tuesday placing Joe DiMaggio Children’s top 50 in three categories.