Wedding Ends With A Bang: Bride ‘Hysterical’ After Accidental Shooting

James Longley Contributor
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A bride’s fairy tale wedding on Saturday ended in chaos after a guest’s pistol went off at the posh Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, according to the New York Post.

The 9mm pistol accidentally fired during a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. But no one informed the bride, Anna Goldshmidt, of the incident until after the traditional Jewish wedding, when the hotel canceled the reception.

Goldshmidt let out a blood curdling scream after she learned that not only was her reception canceled, but the reason was that two guests had suffered gunshot wounds. One law enforcement officer described Goldshimdt as “hysterical” to the Post.  A reception typically “goes for at least a million dollars” at the hotel, according to a Waldorf staff member.

The reason for the cancellation was because police had not found the gun when the reception was scheduled to begin sources told the Post.

Sources told the Post that Vladimir Gotlibovsky, a relative of the groom, legally brought the pistol in his pants pocket. Someone knocked into him at the cocktail party and his gun fired accidentally.

The bullet tore through his trousers and hit the floor, then ricocheted, striking multiple people.

Two hotel staffers were struck with bullet fragments, leaving the Waldorf with cold feet about continuing with the celebration, according to the Post.

Maya Rafailovich, a guest, was grazed on the forehead by the bullet, while another guest suffered a minor leg wound.

One guest said to the Post, “The guy’s an idiot. It was during cocktail hour. It was just stupid that he brought it.”

Gotlibovsky slipped his gun to his brother, Felix who in turn gave it to his mother, who put it in her purse during the ceremony. His mother then gave it to his wife, Maya, after the vows were recited the Post reports.

Both Gotlibovsky brothers were arrested by the NYPD. Felix was charged with weapon possession and evidence tampering since he did not have a permit for the weapon. Vladimir’s charges have been deferred by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, according to the Post.