Rachel Dolezal’s Brother: ‘She’s White And Pretending To Be Black’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Ezra Dolezal — Rachel Dolezal’s adopted, younger brother — told MSNBC Live’s Frances Rivera that he believes his sister is a white woman that is “pretending to be black” on Tuesday.

EZRA: I view her as white, pretending to be black. I’ve never really viewed her as black. I’ve viewed her as being really interested in African-American studies and trying to fix racism and stuff, but I’ve never viewed her as actually black. I’ve always viewed her as white. 

Additionally, Ezra stated that the first time he heard Rachel refer to herself as black was in 2011, despite the claims that she she had begun feeling that way as early as 5 years old.

EZRA: 2011. 2011 definitely …

I wasn’t alive when she was a child, but growing up, as my parents were saying, there were no signs. Those pictures that she said she drew, those are — I’m pretty sure — those are not real. Those have only recently … If she really drew those when she was 5, then I’m pretty sure my parents would have them lying around, if she did.


Ezra isn’t the only Dolezal child to state that Rachel is in fact white.

Adopted-sister Esther — who has recently defended Rachel — wrote a now-deleted post on her blog, “C’est La Vie” in January 2014, condemning Rachel’s racial lies.

… she acts like I owe her all this loyalty because we’re sisters. Honestly she pisses me off. She talks about being real, and not lying to people, but she’s been lying to all her friends. she says she’s African American, but she’s German Caucasian. All her friends think she’s jus a light skinned black person, and that’s what she wants them to believe. she’s all about representing your race, but she abandoned her own. She’s a living contradiction, but she wants to critique everyone else about being a hypocrite. i mean she’s so big on “family,” but only when it fits her version of what it should be. 

Harsh words.

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