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Transtruth Or Transconsequences

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who knew that the face she saw in the mirror wasn’t her true self.

“You’re not me,” she said to the stranger’s face.

“You’re not me,” the face said back.

Having thus agreed, the little girl made an uneasy truce with the stranger whose face she wore. They tolerated each other’s existence for years and years and years. They weren’t happy with each other, but they pretended to be. They had to lie, in order to survive.

Then one day the little girl, having grown into adulthood, could no longer live with the lie. It had served its purpose, but she no longer needed to pretend.

“You’re not me,” she said to the stranger’s face. And it agreed, as it always had. But this time, they did something about it.

And they both lived happily ever after.

Er… except for that last part.

“Identity is a social construct. Biology doesn’t determine your true self. You are who you believe you are, no matter what anybody else says. And we will support you against all those small-minded bigots who can’t see the person you really are.”

It was all a bunch of crap, wasn’t it? All the hectoring, all the self-satisfied lecturing. Just a pack of witless trendoids mindlessly repeating back what they’re told. A shame-based cult, full of miserable, timid little insects who can’t think for themselves, swarming all over any perceived threat.

And then Rachel Dolezal came along and asked all these lovelies to be something they’re not: intellectually consistent.

Well, too bad, jerks. You want me to call Bruce Jenner a girl’s name and refer to him as “she”? Fine. Then I’m also going to call Rachel Dolezal a strong, beautiful black woman.

She determines her own identity. Not you. Shame on you for trying to impose your ignorant prejudices onto her, you hate-filled bigots. You’re behind the times. You’re out of it. You’re on the wrong side of history.

Ain’t much fun, is it?