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Quote of the Day:

“This day has been horrible. I will write about why when I can process. #CharlestonShooting has me numb to my core. Just heartbroken.”

Sophia Nelson, author of The Woman Code and a motivational writer.

Journo offers common sense rationale

“Maybe this is just me, but if a friend tells me “I’m gonna start a race war with mass murder” I might not keep the lid on that info.” — Bloomberg Politics reporter Dave Weigel.

Let’s hope this is sarcasm…

“How can you make up your mind on Rachel Dolezal without first reading Matt Yglesias’ voxplainer ‘What is race?'” — David V. Johnson, Al Jazeera America.

TV reporters head to Charleston 

News outlets are sending their reporters to Charleston to cover the church massacre. Keep your eyes peeled for NBC’s Savannah Guthrie who is filling in for Lester Holt this week. And yes, CNN’s Don Lemon will be there too. See more.


“Weird how people keep unfollowing me when they find out that i’m a piece of shit and my tweets aren’t good.” — TPM‘s Brendan James.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wants the New York Daily News to die 

“Only a fool would buy the @NYDailyNews. Loses fortune & has zero gravitas. Let it die!” — Donald Trump.

The Observer

“At some point Donald Trump will drop out and claim that he was the one who forced candidates to address important issues.” — retired talk radio host Neal Boortz.

Real life details…

“It’s a little weird when repair guys show up LONG after business hours, but hey, at least the apartment now has smoke detectors? #sigh.” — Ellie Hall, BuzzFeed.

Confessional II

“Fuck everything else, I am watching Trump’s speech again.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

Hillary’s campaign stop in South Carolina 

“A Hillary Clinton aide tells NBC she had already left South Carolina prior to tonight’s shooting. She was there campaigning Wednesday.” — Alex Moe, NBC News Capitol Hill producer.

The Media Critic 

“Cable news going 24/7 now with no new news. This is when things get really stupid and ugly.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.

Nancy Grace on the Brazilian butt lift 

“A mother of 5 is dead after ‘Brazilian butt-lift’ surgery goes wrong. Why was her procedure performed by an uncertified doc? #ButtToDieFor” — HLN’s Nancy Grace.

More on Chuck C. Johnson’s lawsuit against Gawker 

“GAWKER HATERS: I have exclusively obtained Chuck C Johnson’s defamation claim against Gawker Media. Here it is.” — Breitbart News‘ Milo Yiannopoulis. Read here. And for a list of everyone Johnson intends to sue, see here.