Limbaugh: ‘There’s An All-Out Assault On The Conservative Way Of Life’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Wednesday that there’s currently an “all-out assault” on the “conservative way of life” in America by liberals, pointing specifically to President Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

On his Wednesday program, Limbaugh said that while the likes of ISIS and the Chinese do not threaten Obama’s power, conservatives do, telling his audience that the biggest issue facing Obama is “domestic political opposition.”

“I’m telling you, folks, there is an all-out assault on the conservative way of life,” Limbaugh said.

“American conservatives are the threat, and do not — folks, I know that this is gonna sound, well, it doesn’t sound extreme. It just sounds like, ‘Rush, it doesn’t make sense. We’re all Americans, Rush. They know,'” Limbaugh said imitating his listeners. “I’m telling you that as far as people like Obama and Valerie Jarrett and everybody in the regime, the media — the biggest threat they face is domestic political opposition. The one thing — ISIS is not threatening their power. The ChiComs are not threatening their power. The ChiComs are not here. ISIS is not here.”

“But the Republicans are. The conservatives are. The conservatives run against them in elections. The conservatives want to win the presidency and as many elective offices as possible. That’s the equivalent of taking power away from these people,” Limbaugh said. “The biggest threat they think they face is us. So anything that happens — such as this just horrible sad event in Charleston, South Carolina — immediately becomes something totally unrelated to what happened in the event. What now?”

“It can only be one thing,” Limbaugh continued. “Southern culture: is considered conservative — which is racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. They’re getting rid of the flag, and they’re gonna get rid of any other poll they can. But it’s all about destroying what they think is the last Republican geographic stronghold. So when the woman at the congressional hearing on the ChiCom hacking? No big deal. It really isn’t. To them, the ChiComs are not the threat, and neither is ISIS, and neither is Al-Qaeda. But we are.”

“I mean, how does Obama talk about Fox News compared to the Iranians, for example?” Limbaugh said concluding the segment.