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Creepy Online Encounters (Part II)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Mirror‘s series on creepy online interactions continues with the King of Online Creepiness: Ex-Rep. and failed mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner.

Weiner, who writes a column for Business Insider, now fancies himself journalist. CNN’s Brian Stelter has also validated his expertise by having him on “Reliable Sources” as some sort of expert even though Weiner lied his ass off (or maybe I should say, his pecker) to network colleagues like Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer.

This week the Weiner surfaced in Politico social anthropologist Kate Bennett‘s Direct Messaging inbox on Twitter.

And let’s just say when Weiner turns up in your inbox, it should be cause for alarm.

Bennett wrote in Thursday’s “KGB File” that Weiner is still loose with his Twitter account –you know, even after he sent out dick shots nationwide — and noted that he recently dropped the f-bomb about the Supreme Court on the day the justices ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

WTF Weiner?

“A lot of people who just tuned in yesterday might not realize this court is a fuckn disaster. #BlindSquirrels,” he wrote.

Within three minutes of retweeting him with commentary on what the hell he meant by that, Bennett received a note from Weiner.

“Really?” he asked.

To her credit, Bennett spilled the contents of their exchange.

To those who are wondering, no, he did not include a picture of  his package.

The Mirror sought comment from Bennett on the matter.

UPDATE: Asked if the encounter creeped her out, Bennett said no, but it was not a defiant “no” if you know what I mean.

“I wasn’t creeped out by the DM, per se, but I was a little surprised that he chose that avenue of communication,” she told The Mirror by email. “I was more intrigued by the actual (public) tweet that Mr. Weiner sent regarding his feelings about the Supreme Court. I mean, obviously the entire conversation was a little bizarre, given all the various tangents— his outspoken opinions, his wife’s proximity to HRC, his actions, past and present—which is why I wrote about it. There’s sort of an inherent impulsiveness to Mr. Weiner’s social media activity that makes him a compelling and curious public figure.”

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