Sheriff’s Association Head Mocks Obama’s Call For ‘Soft Look’ Cop Uniforms

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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BALTIMORE — National Sheriffs’ Association President Danny Glick took offense to President Obama’s recommendation that American law enforcement wear “soft look” uniforms during large protests.

“The respect factor between law enforcement and this administration has eroded to the point that it has been recommended by them that we need to ‘soften our uniforms’ to be more acceptable to the public we serve,” Glick said during his speech to sheriffs attending the association’s annual summer conference Thursday night. He brought out a tan Kevlar vest with a fuzzy boa attached to the straps of the vest and a red target on the back.

“So here is the ‘softer uniform’ they’ve requested,” he said, displaying the modified vest. “This administration thinks this is what will work to solve the issues they have deemed important when in truth this is what they’ve done to us.”

Glick is the sheriff in Laramie, Wyo.

National Sheriffs' Association President Danny Glick

A White House panel released a report in March calling for officers to implement “a layered response to mass demonstrations that prioritize de-escalation and a guardian mindset.”

“These policies could include plans to minimize confrontation by using ‘soft look’ uniforms, having
officers remove riot gear as soon as practical, and maintaining open postures,” the task force wrote.

“I would present to you that this administration is looking through a glass rather than in a mirror when they are pointing a finger at sheriffs and law enforcement in general to blame for the issues confronting them today,” he said. The administration has “interjected a very dangerous addition into our profession — politics.”

Glick later told The Daily Caller, “If you want to have an important dialogue, invite us to the table, we’re willing to sit down, just like I said — anywhere have a discussion. If it’s an argument, fine, but we would prefer to come to a consensus where everybody benefits rather than just inflammatory statements being made.”