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Calgary Cops Arrest Man For Flying In Balloon Chair, Being Awesome

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Well, maybe not awesome. But pretty cool. Frankly, my expectations of Canadians are so low that this guy clears the bar by a mile.

ITV News:

A Canadian man has been arrested after tying more than 100 balloons to a garden chair and flying over the city of Calgary.

Daniel Boria was charged with mischief after the bold stunt, which he carried out to promote his cleaning products company…

Calgary police said the charges against Boria related to the chair, which they say could have caused injury to somebody if it fell to the ground.

I guess that makes sense. So, they made sure the chair didn’t hurt anybody, right?

While police confiscated Boria’s parachute, the chair and the balloons were left floating somewhere in the air.


Hey, what’s that up there? LOOK OUT!!!