MTV’s New Documentary Wants White People To Feel Bad For Being White

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Timothy Meads Contributor
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MTV released a trailer for a new documentary Wednesday entitled “White People.” The show asks “What does it mean to be white?” and airs July 22..

Hosted by illegal immigrant and activist Jose Antonio Vargas, this MTV program seeks to shape the culture for a more inclusive society.

The trailer features Vargas traveling the country with multiple youths and posing questions aimed towards getting Americans to think differently about immigrants and what exactly it means to be American.

The trailer features visibly distraught teenagers troubled by previous racism committed by their white ancestors. It also highlights the apparent privileges white people have on a daily basis.

The show is part of a larger program through MTV known as the Look Different Project. aims “to help erase the hidden racial, gender, and anti-LGBT bias all around us.” If one were to mistake the new MTV campaign for a university’s race, gender, and sexuality curriculum they would not be far off.

The advisory board is made up of a multitude of college professors, liberal organizations, and other like minded individuals driven to promote social justice and erase perceived discrimination to create a more equal society as they see fit.