Walmart Won’t Sell Rebel Mascot Class Ring To Poor Family But Sells 17 CHE GUEVARA POSTERS

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A Walmart store in Decatur, Ala. is refusing to order a high school class ring for a recent graduate because of the high school’s rebel mascot.

Employees told newly-minted grad Aaron Browder and his mother that the rebel mascot symbolizes racism, reports the Decatur Daily.

The incident occurred on Sunday at the Decatur Walmart’s jewelry counter.

“I just stood there and thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,'” Browder told the Daily.

Browder is a graduate of West Morgan High School in Trinity, Ala., a town of about 2,000 just west of Decatur.

He wanted the words “West Morgan Rebels” to appear around the stone in the ring. On one side, he wanted West Morgan High’s rebel mascot. On the other side, he wanted either the school’s crest or an ROTC motif.

Browder and his mother went to Walmart for the class ring because the family lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase the ring from Jostens, the famous class ring (and Super Bowl ring) manufacturer.

“We stood there looking at each other in complete disbelief, and then we just walked away,” Browder’s mother, Brenda Browder, told the local newspaper. “It took a while for the anger to set in.”

A Walmart spokesman said the reason the $485 billion multinational retail corporation has refused to order the ring is because the third-party vendor which would make the ring uses a generic rebel mascot containing the Confederate flag.

In June, in the aftermath of the murder of nine people at a black church in Charleston, S.C., Walmart removed all Confederate flag merchandise from its stores and from its website. Third-party vendors can no longer sell the merchandise through the company. It’s banned on the retail giant’s website as well. (RELATED: Walmart, Sears And eBay Remove Confederate Flag Merchandise)

Browder noted that he had not asked for the Confederate flag to be included anywhere on the ring.

For now, he will have to go without a ring commemorating his high school graduation.

“We will look around at other places to see if we can find something affordable,” Brenda Browder told the Daily. “I may have to save up for a few months to be able to afford it, but I’m going to get my son a ring.”

At the same time, as The Gateway Pundit has noted, Walmart’s website continues to proudly offer 17 posters and fine art prints glorifying Che Guevara, the late Argentine Marxist revolutionary who helped Fidel Castro install a police state in Cuba and who personally oversaw hundreds if not thousands of executions as well as the creation of labor camps where dissidents, homosexuals and others who “committed crimes against revolutionary morals” were ultimately sent.

One product available on Walmart’s website features Guevara’s famously iconic image as festive pop art in a series of bright colors. Walmart’s “everyday low price” for the 38 x 13 poster is $16.15.

Walmart screenshot 1

A second poster available at Walmart is a 36 x 24 poster of the same famous image of Guevara with a bold, red, Marxist background. The bottom right of the “vibrant” and “rich” item shows the sadistic killer’s autograph. It’s “easy to hang” also (“hardware included”). Walmart’s low, low price for this poster is just $12.07.

Walmart screenshot 2

A third poster entitled “Che Guevara, Revolutionary” shows Castro’s brutal killer sidekick laughing uproariously in his trademark beret. It can be yours for the always-low price of $14.25.

Walmart screenshot 4

You can also buy an audio product called “Che Guevara speaks” for the bargain price of $18.52. In its wisdom, Walmart lists this item under “reggae.”

Walmart screenshot 5

Earlier this month, a Walmart store in Slidell, La. apologized after refusing to bake a cake designed as the Confederate battle flag but then accepting a request to bake a cake that looked like the ISIS battle flag. (RELATED: Walmart Store Apologizes For Baking ISIS Battle Flag Cake)

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