LOADED Hillary Cash Bundlers: ‘We’re Regular People,’ ‘Not Hedge Fund People’

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As she flitted around the nation raising $45 million in the last few months, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton visited 50 parties to raise money for herself — about one every other day.

One of the fundraising parties was hosted by Yale Law School professors Judith Resnik and Dennis Curtis, reports The Boston Globe.

Resnik and Curtis are married. They organized the party in New Haven, Conn. especially for Yale Law faculty members. They “swooped her up,” they said. (Clinton is an alum.)

“We’re not hedge fund people,” Resnik told the Globe. “We’re regular people who think winning this election is so important.”

Just how “regular” are Resnik and Curtis in terms of their household income?

Neither professor responded to questions about their incomes in light of Resnik’s “regular people” remark.

According to data provided by Yale’s Office of Institutional Research, a typical full professor at Yale (department notwithstanding) brings home $198,383 per year. ( lists an essentially identical annual income figure for Yale profs: $198,306.)

Resnik is Yale Law’s distinguished Arthur Liman professor of law. The school calls Curtis a clinical professor emeritus and professorial lecturer (and “one of the pioneers of clinical education in the 1970s”).

The couple has also written a prizewinning 2011 book retailing for $76.50 on Amazon. And Resnik boasts a very impressive number of book chapters and other scholarly pieces.

A reasonable estimate of Resnik’s and Curtis’s annual gross household income is $350,000.

A $350,000 yearly income places a married couple squarely in the top four percent of all Americans (and close to the top three percent).

Resnik’s and Curtis’s home state of Connecticut is a wealthy one. Many residents work in New York City’s financial sector.

The couple lives in New Haven, Conn. — on a comfortable street lined with stately homes and lovely old trees.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income in New Haven County, Conn. is $61,996.

Thus, if Resnik and Curtis have a yearly income of $350,000, that means the two-Yale professor household enjoys a combined wage level that is about 570 percent of the average local family’s income.

In addition to attending the fundraiser organized by not hedge-fund-wealthy Resnik and Curtis, Clinton has also attended fundraisers organized by people who work at actual hedge funds in the last three months

Those hedge-fund fundraisers occurred in Manhattan — about 80 miles down the road from Resnik’s and Curtis’s spacious home in New Haven.

Hosts of Clinton’s fundraising soirees have included Sally Susman, who has exercised options worth $6,582,351 and sold stock worth $5,275,311 in the last three years.

Last month, when Clinton officially launched her presidential campaign with a speech on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, she excoriated hedge fund managers, saying the richest 25 of them make “more than all of America’s kindergarten teachers combined.” (RELATED: Hillary Campaign Launch Features Staffer That Said ‘F U Republicans’)

Another of Clinton’s 50 fundraising galas was hosted by wealthy investment banker Blair Effron.

A third Clinton cash-collection banquet was sponsored by Silda Wall Spitzer. She is the ex-wife of disgraced Democrat Eliot Spitzer, who is most notable for paying up to $80,000 to have sex with hard-looking prostitutes.

In August, Clinton will make a trip to Hollywood to collect a new round of celebrity cash.

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