Rush Praises ‘Remarkable’ Walker: ‘He’s The One Guy In The Race With A Conservative Track Record’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh continued to heap praise upon Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker during his Monday broadcast, calling him “the one guy in the race with a conservative track record” ahead of his 2016 announcement.

Limbaugh, a frequent admirer of the latest 2016 entrant, said Walker has been “remarkable” during his tenure in Madison, adding further that Walker defeat the media and Democrats’ attacks on conservatives.

“One of the most qualified Republicans made it official, Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin — who, as you know, if you listen regularly to this program — we have touted Walker’s qualifications time and time and time again,” Limbaugh began. “Here is a man who is conservative. You know what he said, by the way, in his speech? Name for me any other candidate…who’s made this point.”

“Scott Walker said one of the first things he’s going to do is build on and shore up the Republican conservative base,” Limbaugh said. “That’s somewhat unique, folks, because most of the Republicans are talking about the need to go beyond the conservative base, and, at the very least, making themselves sound like they’re taking it for granted and the conservative base isn’t the key to their plans.”

“Walker believes that there are a lot of Americans who live their lives as conservatives but they don’t vote that way for the usual reasons,” Limbaugh continued. “He thinks they are what we used to call the Reagan Democrats, and he thinks that he can go get them, because he has met them. As governor of Wisconsin, he’s traveled around, and he’s campaigned.”

Previously, Limbaugh gave Walker high marks in the aftermath of Walker’s speech to the Iowa Freedom Fest, telling his listeners that his approach is “the blueprint” for conservatives if they are “serious about beating the left.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: Scott Walker ‘The Blueprint’ For GOP If They Are ‘Serious About Beating The Left’)

“Scott Walker has a track record,” Limbaugh said. “Scott Walker doesn’t have to tell you what he will do if he’s elected because all he has to do is point to what he has done.”

“He just signed into law another budget in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a blue state. He just signed a budget which eliminates tenure! He just signed a budget which gets closer to balancing the budget in the state of Wisconsin. He’s done remarkable,” Limbaugh said. “He has implemented a conservative agenda against everything the Democrat Party has to throw at him, and he’s beat them three different times — which we’ve heralded here quite often and talked about it quite often.”

“So he’s the one guy in the race with a conservative track record, the one guy in the race that has shown how to defeat the media and Democrat coordinated attacks on conservatives,” Limbaugh said. “He’s shown how to hang in and be tough, and so he’s the one guy that has something other than promises to make.”