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Hillary Clinton Got Turned Down By NASA Because They Were Sexist, Says Hillary Clinton

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Remember when Hillary Clinton told us that her parents named her after Sir Edmund Hillary, who didn’t become famous until she was a small child? And remember how she claimed to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, which was weird because there was video of her landing in Bosnia and there was no sniper fire? And remember all the other stuff she’s told us about… well, whatever she needed the truth to be at that particular moment?

Here’s another one, courtesy of Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein:

The U.S. didn’t put a woman into space until 1983. So, assuming this anecdote is true — and it might be true, even though she’s the one saying it — it’s a helpful reminder that Hillary Clinton is really, really old.

How old is she? When Hillary was a teenager, NASA stood for National Association of Sorcerers and Alchemists.