Limbaugh: ‘Left-Wing Orgasms’ Running Wild Over Iran Deal

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh lit into President Barack Obama’s foreign policy Thursday, a day after his press conference on the Iran deal, asking for “somebody explain to me what foreign policy success President Obama has ever achieved.”

In addition, Limbaugh also took aim at the left-wingers supporting Obama’s deal with the Iranians, ripping them for their “left-wing orgasms’ that are cropping up in the wake of the deal, which was announced Tuesday.

“Can somebody — seriously, now — can somebody explain to me what foreign policy success President Obama has ever achieved?” Limbaugh said. “Look, I’m not trying to be provocative or predictably critical. But after this press conference yesterday, you would not believe the left-wing orgasms that are happening out there on the part of media people and others.”

“‘My God, oh, my God, did you see that, why, it’s the most confident the president has ever appeared,'” Limbaugh said, impersonating liberals supporting Obama’s foreign policy. “‘Oh, my God, that is the smartest a president has ever appeared. Oh, my God, did you see that? My God, that was brilliant. Oh, my God, we’re not even worthy of being in the same room. Oh, my God, we’re barely worthy of being able to watch on TV.'”

“They just can’t say enough. They cannot come up with enough accolades. I’m telling you, it is multiple orgasms out there on the part of the Drive-By Media,” Limbaugh railed. “It’s on Twitter, it’s everywhere. And reality check: Could somebody explain to me, give me an example of an Obama foreign policy success? Not only that, not only could you give me an example, just one example, of a foreign policy success that Obama has ever achieved that would indicate that his promises of Iran’s future behavior will pan out?”

“John Kerry said that one of the reasons why, one of the main reasons why we did this deal was to show the rest of the world the peaceful nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Limbaugh said. “So name for me a foreign policy success, a success that Obama has achieved that would indicate his promises of Iran’s future behavior will pan out. After all, the president has assured us that with this deal Iran is now gonna be a bunch of nice guys, that we can essentially trust them”

“They will tell you Cuba, that Cuba is an example of rousing Obama foreign policy success?” Limbaugh continued. “Cuba? What is it in the new Cuba policy that is successful?”

Limbaugh went on to blast Obama’s handling of multiple situations in different nations, calling out by name Libya, China, Russia, Cuba (again), and for trading five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for “a traitor and deserter” in Bowe Bergdahl.

“Name an enemy of the United States in foreign policy that Obama has dealt with effectively. You can’t,” Limbaugh said. “And yet there is an answer to the question. There is someone on the world stage Obama has undermined. Who is it? It’s Benjamin Netanyahu and our ally, Israel. Obama has undermined Israel. Obama has undermined Netanyahu. The prime minister of America’s great ally in the Middle East.”

“Now, we’re supposed to trust that Barack Obama has now tamed Iran and the Ayatollah Khamenei and his buddy of mullahs with this piece of paper granting them the right in a certain number of years to develop a nuclear weapon is going to be make them nice guys and it’s gonna show them we don’t intend them any ill or harm,” he said.