Siri Corrects Questions Regarding Caitlyn Jenner

Alexis Gulino Contributor
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In an interview with Vanity Fair at the end of May, the former Olympian told the world, “Call Me Caitlyn”. Apple’s electronic personal assistant, Siri, is doing just that.

According to USA Today, iPhone users recently discovered that Siri has now started correcting inquiries by using Jenner’s gender-appropriate identity.

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Any question regarding Bruce Jenner is automatically corrected to an answer which states, “Caitlyn Jenner is …”

Refinery29 reports that the corrections of misgendering are derived from data engines, such as Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

Screenshot/ Siri

Screenshot/ Siri

When asked, “How tall is Bruce Jenner?” Siri will answer, “Caitlyn Jenner is 6’2” tall.”

The only instances in which Bruce Jenner’s name is referenced are when Siri is asked about the 1976 decathlon champion’s Olympic stats.

“When did Bruce Jenner win the Olympics?” users are directed to a list of articles, including a Wikipedia page about Bruce Jenner’s win.

Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, are vocal supporters of LGBTQ rights and the company has transgender-inclusive health benefits policies.