Alabama Man Is Sick Of Hearing About Caitlyn Jenner, Shoots TV

Alexis Gulino Contributor
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Alabama resident Bobby Knight took his TV outside and recorded himself shooting it with a gun after watching former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner win the Arthur Ashe Award courage award at the ESPYs on Wednesday night.

Naturally, he uploaded the video to YouTube.

Jenner was formerly known as Bruce, until announcing a gender change on the cover of Vanity Fair in May.

In the video, titled “#take out your tv challenge” Knight claims that he needs to “remove this portion of garbage [from his] life.”

On YouTube, the description of the video reads, “I’m sick of the sickoe crap big media is pushing on america. So I decided that I had as of today no more perverted nasty garbage will enter my home..I forgot t o load my tool of destruction making this video..please forgive my narrative..”

Knight, whose YouTube account uses an icon of the Confederate flag, ended the video by saying “to heck with you immoral pushers. I’m done with you. That’s it.”