Cruz DOUBLES DOWN, Decrys Iran Deal

Philip DeVoe Contributor
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WASHINGTON — At a Tuesday press conference, Texas GOP presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) condemned the Iran deal again, urging grassroots organizations to get their supporters behind rejecting the deal which, says Cruz, will result in Iran possessing a nuclear weapon.

“This deal is an existential threat… they would use those [nuclear] weapons in the skies of Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, or New York,” said Cruz. “They would fire that rocket straight into the air in the atmosphere… and it would detonate… an EMP, which would take down the electrical grid on the entire eastern seaboard, would shut down the stock exchange… would shut down the delivery of food, water, heat and air, and basic transportation… an EMP over the eastern seaboard would cost the lives of tens of millions of Americans.”

The senator’s main issue with the deal, brokered by the Obama administration, is that the financing of the terrorist state will not result in the release of the hostages in Iran and will guarantee the Islamic republic has a nuclear weapon.

Cruz sat with co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin, president of the Concerned Women for America Penny Nance, and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), among others. Nance and Martin were invited to represent the grassroots hatred for the deal- both women endorsed an alternative deal, and told attendees that they would be encouraging their supporters to contact their congressmen and urge them to strike down the deal.

“This deal makes us the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism. Billions of dollars will flow into the hands of jihadists, who will use that money to murder Americans, Israelis, and Europeans,” said Cruz.

Cruz drew a parallel between the deal brokered with North Korea during the Clinton administration to the current Iran deal, even pointing out that the same woman, Wendy Sherman, orchestrated both deals.

“The Obama administration is repeating the mistakes of the 1990s with respect to North Korea we lead the world in economic sanctions. Billions of dollars flowed into North Korea, and North Korea turned around and used that money to produce nuclear weapons, of which they now have 50, I believe,” said Cruz.

The reason, Cruz says, that North Korea hasn’t used nuclear weapons against the United States is that they know their fate, once they launch a nuclear weapon, is sealed, and their country will cease to exist. In Iran, however, things are different. With a theocratic political system, mutual destruction is the goal, not a downside, and cost-benefit analysis disappears.

“If Iran were concerned with retaliation, they wouldn’t use nuclear weapons, but with religious zealots, with people who strap on suicide vests to blow themselves and others up, cost-benefit analysis is not an aspect,” said Cruz.