Trump Stands Up To The NFL On Deflategate

Sam Peterson Contributor
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Donald Trump isn’t happy with the way that Roger Goodell and the NFL have handled the Deflategate saga involving the New England Patriots.

Trump appeared on the Boston Herald’s Radio Show Wednesday morning and was critical of how long it took the NFL to reach a verdict and how Roger Goodell has performed as NFL commissioner, “Robert Kraft trusted the NFL and that they would make a fair decision and he was let down, I would say Tom is their big star and it’s bad for him. This could have been handled quickly in a week. If Trump were commissioner it would have been wrapped up in a week.”

Trump spoke to the character of Tom Brady, someone he considers a close friend and he believes Brady should have pursued legal action against the NFL sooner.

The way the NFL has dealt with the case stuns Trump, who said, “It’s shocking the way it’s been handled…It’s a disgrace. It’s as bad or worse than Ray Rice.”

The radio segment can be listened to in its entirety here.