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Quote of the Day:

“Getting ready to leave for my GREAT resort, Turnberry, in Scotland. Hosting The Women’s British Open (biggest tournament). Will be back Sat.”

— Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Ex-D.C. journo is having major health issues

“Asking for a friend: When discussing the various medical issues one is confronted with and it ends up sounding like an episode of ‘House,’ is that a good thing or a bad thing?” — former D.C. journalist Klaus Marre, who now lives in Thailand, and is dealing with heart issues.

A suggestion about Cecil the lion…

“Did Prince Philip and Prince Charles have a role in Cecil the lion’s death? I think this should be investigated.” — Toby Harnden, Washington Bureau Chief, The Sunday Times of London.

Female journo sick of men telling her to smile 

“Dear dudes who tell women on 6:30am flights that they are not smiling enough: Don’t.” — Dana Liebelson, political reporter, HuffPost


“Alone, in bed, in the dark, laughing because the guy on your sleep hypnosis app has a lisp is a rough time to realize you’re going to hell.” — Julieanne Smolinski, television writer.

The Observer

“Between the breast pump, the lion, Hillary’s $600 haircut and the ‘cuckservative’ thing, I’ve found Twitter very hard to follow today.” — CNN analyst Ana Navarro.

Montel Williams: GOP presidential race is becoming a ‘clown show’ 

“Wow. Jim Gilmore enters GOP presidential race brining the number to 17 declared candidates – this is becoming a clown show.” — my BFF MW.

The Hill‘s “50 Most Beautiful” Fallout

“‘The 50 Most Beautiful People in DC’ list always looks like ’50 People You’d See on the A Train in the Morning.'” — Liam Stack, breaking news reporter, NYT.

“Congrats @daveweigel for making the The 50 Most Beautiful People On A Hill!!” — HuffPost‘s Igor Bobic. Dave Weigel works for WaPo. He did not make the list.

“I appreciate all your nominations for The Hill’s 50 most beautiful. I am sorry I didn’t win. We’ll get them next year Alex stans.”– Alex Abad-Santos, culture writer,

“Could this please not exist anymore? Actual quote ‘I love my heels, but I love my boots and jeans just as much.'” — Laura Hayes, freelance writer, Thrillist, WaPo.

“If @neetzan isn’t rounding up a slideshow of the 50 most beautiful 50 Most Beautiful parodies right now, a lost opportunity for @thehill.” — Justin Sink, White House reporter, Bloomberg Business. He’s referring to Neetzan Zimmerman, who handles digital for The Hill.

“Things that are disturbing, ranked: 1. The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful 2. People defending it. That’s it. That’s my entire list.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Matt Fuller.

“@thehill our list is way better than yours k bye.” — IJReview‘s Joe Perticone, who came up with an 11 cutest dogs of Capitol Hill list that published Wednesday.

“For the 12th year, I’ve been snubbed by @TheHill’s 50 Most Beautiful list. That’s 600 people. That really hurts.” — Doug Heye, former aide to House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor.

Convo Between Two Journos

Mike Roy is a follower…and Tim Mak is a journalist who writes for The Daily Beast who fell into the fray this week when he resurrected details from an early 90s deposition from Ivana Trump, The Donald’s ex-wife. In it, she said he violently raped her. She has since discounted her own remarks. 

Mike Roy: “If it’s so important to vet the frontrunners for president, why only target the GOP? People are turned off by your intense bias.”

Tim Mak: “You’re not really familiar with my work, are you?” (He linked to this 2014 story in the Washington Examiner which says Democrats are going to run Mak out of town for his reporting that doesn’t favor them.)

Male journo reacts to a story on women’s periods 

“But I don’t….do I? No, no…I’m not crazy.” — Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss reacts to the following:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.21.20 AM

Write against Trump at your own risk

“I’m writing a piece about the ways Trump is bad but there are too many ways
Just too many ways. I don’t want to do the links.” — The Federalist‘s Neal Dewing.

Journo disgusted by ‘lovey dovey’ couple

“The couple in front of me had better be 13. I am going to vomit on them regardless. Nothing justifies this level of lovey dovey.” — Lucy Steigerwald, contributing editor,

The Media Critic 

“At times, @CNN jumps from topic to topic like a 4-year-old on a sugar binge. Yet they’ve got an OCD-like fixation with certain topics.” — Robert Stacy McCain, conservative blogger.